Results for the NCIFL 2014-2015 season (calculated using combined points from all 4 tournaments):

1st place: UC Berkeley
2nd place: Cal Poly SLO
3rd place: UC Davis
4th place: UC Santa Cruz

Go bears!!


Congrats to everyone on a great season! Hope all of you who aren’t graduating will stay on next year!

Shout out to all the novices, and of course thanks to Abdul, David, Victor, Wiktor, and Marvin for coaching.

Your medalists from the UC Davis tournament are:

Nick Bronson, Novice Foil, 1st place
Jason Chommanard, Epee, 3rd place (tie)
Andrew Ng, Epee, 3rd place (tie)
Colin Lee, Saber, 1st place
David Barth, Saber, 2nd place
Adil Syed, Foil, 1st place
Shannon Wang, Foil, 3rd place (tie)

Results are in! (Actually awhile back, just haven’t been updating the site.) Congratulations to the new officer board for 2015-2016. Looking forward to another great season.

Diana Buck

Vice President
Shannon Wang

Education Chair
Syed Adil

Malcolm Williams

Diana Kang

Nick Bronson

Wiktor Stopka
Assistant Armorers
Kei Ueda
Garrow Geer

Brian Barch

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Cal Poly Tournament! You guys all did great! Photos are on our Flickr account and results are up on askFRED. Here is a summary of the medalists:

Mixed Novice Foil
Eduardo Mazariegos, 1st, UCD
Kei Ueda, 2nd. UCB
Isaac Oh, 3rd, UCB
Ryan Koh, 3rd, UCB

Mixed Foil
Braden Saito, 1st, Cal Poly
David Barth, 2nd, UCB
Lukas Mericle, 3rd, UCSC
Rigel Robinson, 3rd, UCB

Mixed Saber
Colin Lee, 1st , UCB
Ryan Daley, 2nd, Cal Poly
Braden Saito, 3rd, Cal Poly
Graham McIntosh, 3rd, Cal Poly

Mixed Epee
Wyatt Smith, 1st, Cal Poly
Austin Lynch, 2nd, Cal Poly
Kevin Miller, 3rd, UCD
Himanshu Arora, 3rd, UCD

Honorable mentions to: Heejung Jo and Bundit Laekhanukit for being our only epee fencers.
And of course thanks to Abdul, David, and Victor and everyone else who helps coach at practice and the decal.


Hello Fencers,

Thanks all who came out to the tournament last weekend! Props to everyone who helped make it a success! Shout out to the novices who all did an awesome job in their first tournament, Coach Abdul for training everyone at practice, David for coaching everyone on the day of, and Arami and Wiktor for organizing everything!! are up on AskFred.

We have photos up!
Tag yourselves! If you use Facebook, please join our group to see them.

Photoset 1 (Thanks, Marvin!) on Facebook and Flickr
Photoset 2 (Thanks, Sam!) on Facebook.

Full results are up on AskFred.

Congrats to the medalists!
Novice Foil (Male)
All Berkeley!
[1] Eric Izzo
[2] Isaac Oh
[3] Diep Nguyen

Novice Foil (Female)
All Berkeley!
[1] Raenalene Musni
[2] Carla Frankel
[3] Nerissa Lin

Mixed Epee
[1] Ravi Cho (TFC San Jose)
[2] Chris Lutze (Cal Poly)
[3] Kevin Miller (Davis)
[3] Wyatt Smith (Cal Poly)

Mixed Saber
[1] Colin Lee (Berkeley)
[2] Braden Saito (Cal Poly)
[3] Nikki Clifton (Davis)
[3] Samuel Swayze (Berkeley)

Mixed Foil
[1] Braden Saito (Cal Poly)
[2] Dashiell Tavernit (Davis)
[3] Jason Chommanard (Berkeley)
[3] Luca Ciraolo (Berkeley)

The next tournament will be at Cal Poly SLO, most likely on November 22nd. Mark your calendars, and come to practice!

Hey everyone!

We’re cleaning out the armory. If you haven’t been coming to practice, have been keeping your equipment in the armory, and want to keep your stuff, COME CLAIM IT.

YOU HAVE ONE WEEK. Remove your equipment if you still want to own it. Otherwise, it will be considered donated to the club.

For those of you who still come to practice and want to keep your equipment in our armory, we’ll be assigning which shelves you can put your bags on. Make sure to be there, or email President Arami at